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Psychic Readings in 2020

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and sometimes the best way to fix them is to get advice from someone else. Psychic readings not only show you where all the problems lie, but they also offer advice on what you can do to fix your relationship.

Not all kinds of psychic readings show you the future. Each offers a unique approach to better understanding yourself and how you can lead the best life for you.

What are the different kinds of psychic readings?

A psychic is a person who can tap into abilities that supersede everyday experience. These abilities can be trained and developed, and those who do psychic readings usually have a lot of expertise in both understanding as well as growing in their fields.

Astrology is one of the most famous kinds of psychic readings, and it has its roots deep in history. While most people are aware of what their Sun Signs are, the truth is that astrology is a lot more complicated.

A person’s birth chart has a lot more happening inside it. The Sun, although important, becomes just one actor in a cast of characters in a person’s astrological birth chart.

The Moon Sign shows how the person feels, the Mars Sign depicts how the person energetically reacts to their life, and the Venus Sign shows how the person behaves in love and relationships.

So if you have your Venus in Cancer, then you probably love stay-at-home dates, cooking for each other, cuddling etc. But if your partner’s Venus is in Leo, then he/she may like to go out more and be energetic.

One way to quickly understand how you and your partner approach relationships is by approaching an astrologer and asking for a synastry chart. This is a chart that matches the compatibility of both your charts. With it, you can see where the differences are and how you can heal your relationship using psychic readings.

Numerology readings are another popular kind of psychic reading. Numerologists take your birth name, your birth date, and your birth time to calculate a number that represents who you are.

The reader will obtain various kinds of numbers, such as your Expression Number, your Destiny Number, your Personality Number, and more. Using these, they can better help you understand your approach to relationships.

A significant thing to look out for in numerology is karmic debt numbers. The numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19 are considered karmic debt numbers, and they each represent different lessons we have to learn in this life, based on our performance in our past life.

The karmic debt number 16 precisely talks about misusing love in a past life. This number shows that the person will experience lots of ups and downs in their relationship until they finally learn self-love and acceptance.

1+6 adds to 7, so the solution for karmic debt number 16, is following the path of the number 7, or the introspective researcher. In this way, various numbers offer different insights and can show how you can better understand yourself as well as your partner.

Runes are another popular category for psychic readings. The reader reads from a set of 24 runes, divided into three groups called aettirs. These aettirs represent the three different stages of life.

Every rune has a meaning attached to it, and the reader can tune into what the runes are saying to offer clarity and advice on your love situation. Psychic readings can help you heal your relationships, as well as you push you along the path you need to be on to receive abundance and prosperity.

Other kinds of psychic readings include clairvoyance, where the reader tunes into their ability to hear those who belong to the spiritual world and offer insight through speaking with them.

Scrying is a practice where the reader looks into a container of water to obtain information about questions asked, and crystal balls use the crystal as a medium to get the same thing.

Tarot cards are another kind of psychic reading and is gaining a lot of popularity. Many readers combine the use of tarot cards and astrology to offer holistic psychic readings that fix relationships

Do psychic readings offer accurate results?

Depending on the reader you visit, and how well they know their craft, psychic readings can provide very accurate results. A common mistake people make when thinking about psychic readings is that it could be something like looking at a horoscope. If you feel that your horoscope does not provide accurate results, then why would a psychic?

The answer could potentially either be that the person who is writing the horoscopes is not a real psychic, or that you are looking at the wrong sign. If you are a Gemini Sun, then chances are you will check the horoscope for the day under Gemini.

You need a birth time to find your ascendant, and that ascendant sign will reflect how you approach life and the various aspects of your experience within it. If your Ascendant Sign is Pisces, then you should check horoscopes for Pisces.

Astrology is just one example of how complicated a real psychic reading can be. And depending on the kind of text you want, the options are limitless. Love readings are very popular.

When you are feeling down and unsure about how you want to approach life and relationships, chances are that you are fraught with stress and anxiety. A psychic reading can help you understand your relationship, and tell you how you can improve from it and grow from it.

If you don’t know either your or your partner’s birth time, then don’t fret! Some readings don’t require a birth time. Rune readings and tarot readings are excellent options for anyone who is looking for a psychic reading but does not have all their details.

What can I expect to learn from a psychic reading?

The main purpose behind psychic readings is to help you understand your relationships, yourself, as well as your life. They instill the required knowledge that can help you to improve upon whatever area you want to make better.

A psychic reader will never tell you to give up on a relationship unless it was in your best interests to do so. Usually, there are various issues in a relationship that grow from a lack of communication between the partners.

Sometimes, the question is different and is instead about an ex, or a single person may ask if a new person will enter their life soon. These questions too can be looked into during psychic readings, and the answers offer insight into what may happen, how to best live your life and find healthy and loving relationships. 

Is it ethical to learn about someone else using psychic readings?

Psychic readings do not offer insights into a person’s deepest secrets, or other potentially ruinous information about them. At the same time, such information about you is hidden from the reader as well, unless you are explicitly asking a question about it.

Even if a reader sees something, they are unlikely to bring it up unless they are specifically asked about it. Every person’s chart is a mixture of bad and good, and psychic readings are at their best when they are dealing with specific scenarios.

While psychic readings offer great overall insight into love situations, it is not the intention of the reader to misuse and manipulate their powers in any way. Karma is a popular concept across all fields of energy work.

It talks about the bad and the good that you do out there in the world, coming back to you. A reader would also not tell you about the negative things they see in your chart.

Psychic readings help people heal, especially at a time when they feel distraught. Needing to fix a relationship brings tensions of its own, and psychic readings offer insights into specific questions, scenarios and the potential outcomes that can happen. The idea is to change what will happen, if you want to change it, by behaving differently.

Psychic readings focus on restoring power back to you, even in relationships, so that you can fix your relationships, heal your happiness, and live the life you have always wanted to live.

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