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Several Spiritual Healing Methods

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Human beings are made of mind-body-spirit. If our mind is suffering, we can avail the services of mental healthcare professionals to alleviate or minimize our mental health problems. If we incur a physical injury or disease, we can drive to a clinic and consult a doctor, who will then begin our treatment after a thorough examination.

But what happens when the problem lies in our spirit? What do we do when our spirit is weak or feeling weighed down? When the problem is spiritual, we must try to address it on the spiritual level itself. A spirit guide or spiritualist provides spiritual healing services.

Spiritual healing or energy healing is based on the belief that when the energy is right, our bodies have the ability to heal itself. We have been gifted this capacity to self-heal by God himself and sometimes, a little faith can go a long way as compared to medicine – the benefits of which are finite.

Anybody can perform spiritual healing. However, when you are seeking effective results from an exercise of spiritual healing, it is best to engage the services of a professional spiritualist. A professional spiritualist will be experienced to address your spiritual problems and offer speedy solutions.

When you hire a spiritualist, you will see that they offer various kinds of spiritual healing services. Yes, spiritual healing can be performed using several techniques. We will discuss these in detail below. Several spiritualists perform all of these and will be able to choose the one best suited to your spiritual healing needs.

Call on your spiritualist to light a violet fire to drive away negative energy


The violet fire is identified with the fire of the Holy Spirit. It purifies negative energy into positive energy. How does it help heal you? Imagine you have fallen victim to a disease.

 According to spirituality, your disease is a manifestation of all the negative energy you have accumulated in your body. If you call on a spiritualist to perform violet flame cleansing for you, you cleanse yourself of this negative energy. Naturally, the disease too, is driven away.

Similarly, if your disease is a result of bad karma – the violet flame will clean your karmic record for you. Again, the disease too will follow suit and be cleared off you.

Spiritualists use mantras and visualizations to call forth the purifying violet flame. Every time a mantra is chanted, an energy-momentum is built. Your words become increasingly more powerful with repetition.

If you try to perform violet flame healing by yourself, you might take a long time to create the energy required to support this form of spiritual healing. However, when you ask a spiritualist trained in spiritual healing to do the same for you, you are able to enjoy instantaneous results.

They can heal your spirit using the healing thoughtform

A healing thoughtform is another method of spiritual healing. It refers to a ball of healing energy that you create solely by using your imagination – which is why the name, “thoughtform”. The ball of energy has a white light at its core, blue light surrounding this core and green light forming the surface.

A spirit guide will visualize this ball on the area of your body that needs healing. How does the ball work? The three distinct lights emanating from the ball have three unique healing properties.

The white-lit core performs purification, while the blue light symbolizes God’s will and functions to realign your body with Divine Will. Lastly, the final layer of green light attributes wholeness to your body.

A thoughtform can be incredibly potent. Most of us overlook or fail to recognize the power of thoughts. Positive thoughts and reaffirmations can be incredibly healing. When you fall ill and keep thinking of yourself as helpless, you are making your condition worse. Instead, you should try to take control over your body by thinking positively, which in turn will work to minimize the symptoms felt.

When a trained spiritualist performs a healing thoughtform on you, your spirit experiences its healing powers first, which then trickles down to the mind and your body. Our bodies do not work in isolation. If either of the two other faculties governing our constitution is neglected, our bodies tell on this neglect. If our spirit is exhausted, our body will feel lethargic too.

A spiritualist can summon the healing abilities of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary

Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael are both angels of healing. Although rare, angels do descend onto Earth sometimes to practice their powers of healing. Both are kind divinities who have left messages for us, to call on them in times of need. However, their powers are limited by the karmic laws and the free will granted to us.

Your spiritualist will chant prayers to these deities and ask them to interfere in healing you when all else fails. They have more spiritual knowledge than you and will be able to better channelize their energy to summon these angels.

You can trust them to know just which healing method to pick for you

If you try to self-heal, you may not be able to notice any successful results. Your lack of results could be due to many reasons – it could be because you lack spiritual knowledge, it could be because you weren’t able to focus your energy well or because you picked an inappropriate healing method for yourself.

Not all healing methods apply to everyone. Some suit certain people better than others. Often, spiritualists employ these healing methods in conjunction and assess their effectivity.

When you ask a trained spiritualist to perform spiritual healing for you, they know exactly which method to try on you. You, as an amateur, will lack this clarity.

Will spiritual healing actually work for you?

If you are playing around with the idea of seeking spiritual healing services, you need to be aware that they may not work for you. Why is this? In order for spiritual healing to show any results, you, the receiver, need to be open to this healing.

You need to cooperate with your spiritualist and have faith that this spiritualist will indeed be able to harness divine energy to heal your spirit. If you are cynical and doubtful of their abilities, no matter how well the spiritualist performs – they will not be able to heal you. 

The reason for this being, your spirit will not be open to receiving the healing energy. The energy harnessed needs a passageway into your soul. If you keep these paths blocked by closing yourself off to the idea mentally, there is no way for this energy to enter your body and perform spiritual healing.

The spiritualist is only a medium between you and God. If you disbelieve God or do not have faith in His healing capabilities, spiritual healing is not for you. Spiritual healing works in the same manner as prayers and rituals.

Prayers and rituals have no power on their own. They receive power from the energy we concentrate on them and the faith we store by them. If we do not posit faith onto processes of spiritual healing or focus by concentrating on them, they will fail.


Find an appropriate spiritualist for all your spiritual healing needs

If you need the services of a spiritual healer, the Internet is your treasure trove. You will be able to look up many listings of spiritualists. These spiritualists are well versed in various techniques of spiritual healing, as already discussed above. You do not need to worry about the results you will receive from their spiritual healing practices.

You are guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of a lighter, more joyous spirit after a spiritualist is done performing their spiritual healing exercises on you. What are you waiting for? Find yourself a reliable spiritualist and heal your spirit now!

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