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Things To Say To Your Ex To Get Her/Him Back

There are times when you realize you might still have feelings for your lost love and would like to be with them again. If you’d really like to get back your ex, you should know that it won’t be as simple as asking them to give it another shot. You’re going to have to put in a lot of work and believe in the power of love spells, and even then there’s no guarantee that your ex will be willing to give your relationship another shot. However, what is guaranteed is that you’ll be in a better position to tackle new challenges in life.

Take a look at your break-up

  1. Understand what happened – Take your time to think about what each of you did to contribute to the breakup. It’s very rare for problems in relationships to suddenly pop up. Most problems build up over time. There are good odds that it wasn’t a one-sided issue and there were definitely signs that it was coming. Take your time to do some soul searching before you attempt to get back your lost love. You might not want to waste your time or energy on something that would be futile.
  2. Think about who initiated the breakup – Was it you who initiated the breakup? Was it a mutual decision? If it was you and your ex was against breaking up, it might be easier to get back together than if the breakup was initiated by your lost love.
  3. Understand your emotions – There’s a lot of pain and confusion that a person feels during a breakup. Many people often interpret these emotions as evidence that they need their ex in their lives. The severity of your feelings doesn’t automatically serve as evidence to get back your ex. Sometimes, people miss the security of having someone as well as the excitement of a dramatic relationship. If this is you, you should know that you can find these things with someone in a more stable and healthier relationship.

Sometimes, infidelity creeping into marriages makes one person feels dissatisfied by their spouse’s absence and inability to meet their needs – be it emotional or physical. It can be very difficult to put an instance of cheating behind. An illicit affair can tarnish your marriage to no ends. Even if one is willing to forgive the other, returning to a place of mutual trust and comfort becomes extremely hard. A marriage binding spell can help the people in such marriages deal with their emotions more constructively so they don’t feel urged to abandon the marriage. It holds your marriage together even when you feel like it is falling apart. If you trust the marriage binding spell, it will eventually work things out for you.

In fact, marriage binding spells casters, when engaged early, can also deter such accidents from happening at all. They can affect loyalty in marriage and a inculcate a sense of responsibility towards your partner, which will prevent you from straying towards the wrong path. When you have a marriage binding spell performed, you will feel so devoted to your partner that you won’t quite feel like cheating at all.

Make time for yourself

  1. Ghost them for the first month after the break-up – Your lost love might call if he/she wants to talk. If he/she doesn’t call, nothing you wear or say will change that. Ignoring your ex will send a message to them that you’re doing great without them and are moving on which is the opposite of what they’d want. Avoiding contact shouldn’t be used as a tool to make your ex miss you. It should be used to do the things that you need to do in order to make yourself ready for a new relationship. Get to know yourself as a person and work on areas that you might have ignored while you were in a relationship. This is the best time to have a look at your relationship weaknesses if you contributed to the breakup.
    In addition to the above, the time off will help you see the difference between regular grief and a real desire to get back your ex. Time will help you sort your feelings out and put things in perspective.
  2. Work on yourself – Make time for friends, embrace your work, extracurricular activities and so on. All of this will make you not look like you’re waiting for your ex to contact you again. In case you were curious, there has been plenty of research conducted which has found that people recover quickly from relationship-related grief when they regain a healthy sense of self post-breakup.
  3. Don’t contact your ex – No calling, texting or asking around about how he/she is doing while you work on yourself. Don’t ask your ex questions about why the breakup happened or whether he/she is seeing someone else. If you do so, it will make you look desperate.
  4. Find out if your ex is still interested – An interesting statistic is that a third of cohabitating and a fourth of married couples go through a breakup at some point. If your ex is still interested there’s a solid chance of winning him/her back. In order to get back together, find out if he/she still cares about getting back or not. You need to know if things can still be mended before setting out to get back together with him/her. Do not go after your ex for at least a month after the breakup. Look for hints if you run into him/her at work or school, social media, or comments that your mutual friends make. Don’t send your friends to investigate for you.

Here’s how you win your ex back

  1. Make a conscious effort to work on your self-esteem – Do you struggle with neediness? Maybe you lack self-esteem and were looking for your ex to make you feel better about yourself. However, you should know that the only person who can make you feel better about yourself is you. Never base your happiness on someone else as this will eventually make them feel obligated, guilty, and resentful to you.
  2. Become the person your ex fell in love with – Think back to when you first got together. What did he or she love about you? Whatever it was, try to rebuild your relationship the same way it started before. Your ex was attracted to you because of how you made them feel and how you fulfilled their emotional needs.
  3. Try looking fresh – Buy some new clothes, get a neat haircut, hit the gym, do your nails, and so on. You’ll want to stand out and be fresh. Be the best version of yourself that you can be. Your ex was attracted to you, and you can try to regain that attraction by being the best version of yourself.
  4. Casually hang out with your ex – Do something like play a game of miniature golf with friends or have a drink. Make sure you include him/her with your friends. Whatever you do, make sure it’s light and fun. Avoid talking about serious things for now.
  5. Invite a relationship discussion – After you’ve rebuilt your relationship to the point where you both are friends, have an honest talk about your history together and whether or not you both can have a romantic future together.

Your ex might not reciprocate your feelings and that’s okay. You’ll be in a much better position to tackle new challenges in life. Who knows? All of this might lead you to a relationship with a different person.  Remember that love spells can always help you out.


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